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Whey Protein Powder | Nutrishake

Whey Protein Powder | Nutrishake
Whey Protein Powder | Nutrishake
Whey Protein Powder | Nutrishake
Whey Protein Powder | Nutrishake
Whey Protein Powder | Nutrishake
Whey Protein Powder | Nutrishake
Whey Protein Powder | Nutrishake

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Nutrishake FAQ

Q01. What is NutriShake?

NutriShake is a nutritional drink rich in nutrients, including high quality whey protein concentrate as main ingredient, which provides BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) that promotes muscle gain, 18 types of vitamins and minerals, 22 types fruits and vegetables blend, wheat grass extract and much more. NutriShake is an ideal shake specifically formulated to fulfill your nutritional needs and help you achieve your health goals. *High in protein: 1 serving of NutriShake provides the same amount of protein as 3 glasses of milk.

Q02. How is Nutrishake should be stored?

Please store NutriShake in a cool, dry place (30°C and below). Once opened, please consume the product within 30 days, at the same time prevent moisture from getting in the container, and do not use a wet scoop to scoop out the powder.

Q03. Is NutriShake safe to consume? Is it suitable for vegetarians?

NutriShake has passed various tests to ensure that this product meets internal and external standards, and it is totally safe to consume. NutriShake contains natural plant extracts and high quality whey protein, hence it is suitable for lacto-vegetarians.

Q04. How to know if you are suitable to take NutriShake?

NutriShake is a high protein and high nutrition product which helps to promote growth, strengthen our body, support weight management and much more. Overall, NutriShake is suitable for people who want to improve their health.

Q05. Who should not take NutriShake?

NutriShake is a nutritional drink designed for people with busy lifestyles and an imbalanced diet. It is basically suitable for most people. However, for certain groups of people, please consult our dietitian, nutritionist or healthcare professionals before taking this product, for example: 1. People allergic to milk/dairy products 2. Infants (below 1 year old) 3. Pregnant women 4. Patients with kidney disease.

Q06. How to take NutriShake?

1. Mix 60g NutriShake with 240ml-300ml room temperature water in a shaker bottle and shake it well. 

2. You can always replace water with cow's milk/soy milk/oat milk, but you would need to count in the calories if you are on a diet. 

3. You can also add on ice or any fruits you like to give NutriShake a flavor upgrade. 

Please do not mix NutriShake with hot water, and do not eat the powder directly to prevent from choking.

Q07. What is the recommended dosage?

Adults: 1-3 servings per day; Children: 0.5-1 serving per day. Serving intake is adjustable according to your daily diet intake. Please do not hesitate to consult MJ's Health Management Consultant for more information.

Q08. Is there any food I need to avoid while taking NutriShake?

Please try to avoid high fat, high sugar, high sodium and highly processed food in order to maintain good health.

Q09. Should I refrain from combining NutriShake with other health supplements?

You can continue to take your other health supplements.

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