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Moringa Pep

Moringa Pep Q&A 

Q01: What are the benefits of Moringa Pep to our health? 

A: People nowadays have high stress, poor diet, and unhealthy lifestyle, causing high oxidative stress,  immunity and metabolic disorders which can lead to various diseases. Moringa Pep is composed of a  variety of ingredients with high antioxidant properties (mainly Moringa oleifera) and milk peptides.  These ingredients with high antioxidant properties and ability to regulate metabolism can help  in reducing free radical damage, promote blood circulation, and improve overall health. 

Q02: Who is suitable to consume Moringa Pep? 

A: Moringa Pep is suitable for most people, especially for those under high pressure/work stress, those  with long-term poor sleep quality, those who eat out often and have a poor diet, those with smoking  or drinking habits, and those who are troubled by minor health problems such as frequent colds,  poor memory, worsened skin quality etc.  

Q03: Who is not suitable to consume Moringa Pep? 

A: Moringa Pep is mainly made from a variety of natural ingredients extracts; it is suitable for most people to consume. However, for the following conditions, please consult a doctor or nutritionist  before consuming: 

• Pregnant women, breastfeeding women 

• Children under 6 years old 

• Patients with special medical conditions/on long-term medications 

Q04: What is the serving suggestion for Moringa Pep? 

A: It is recommended to take 1 sachet daily. If you have any inquiries, please consult a MJ Health Management Consultant. 

Q05. Is Moringa Pep safe to consume? 

A: Moringa Pep has acquired several food safety certifications, such as MESTI, HACCP, GMP etc, hence,  our consumers can confidently consume it.  

Q06. How should Moringa Pep be stored? 

A:Please store in a cool, dry place (below 30°C) and away from direct sunlight. Finish drinking it immediately once it is opened. 

Q07. Since Moringa Pep contains milk peptides, is it suitable for people  with milk allergy or lactose intolerance to consume? 

A: The amount of lactose that people with severe lactose intolerance can consume is 7-12g per day,  while the amount of lactose in a packet of Moringa Pep is only about 65mg. Therefore, it is alright for  people with lactose intolerance to consume it. However, it is not recommended for people who are  allergic to milk. 

Q08. If I have already been taking PROTIDE, is it too much to consume   Moringa Pep on top of that? What are the differences between  these two products?  

A: Moringa Pep is composed of a variety of ingredients with high antioxidant properties (mainly Moringa  oleifera) and milk peptides. Its high antioxidant properties, ability to regulate metabolism, promote  blood circulation is highly emphasized. Meanwhile, PROTIDE is composed of bioactive small  molecular weight peptides derived from pure soybeans, which supplements cell nutrition to achieve  the functions of growth, regulation, and repair. If you have any inquiries, please consult MJ Health Management Consultant.  

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