Many people asked "is the whole body health check really so important?".

Yes, the whole body health check is very important. With full body check up, it can help us to find the risk factors of the disease and to achieve the purpose of disease prevention. It may save our life!

Today, I will share with you the topic of full body check up!

Before we start, let me ask you two questions

1. Do you think it is better to have a full body health check? or not doing it better?

I think the answer is "YES", of course it is better to do it, right?

2. The sooner the whole body health check is done, the better? Or is it better to do it later?

Of course, the sooner you do it, the better you can find out your health status and treat it early!

From the above two questions, 

We found out that Full Body Check Up is very important!

But do you knwo why do so many people know about it, but they don't arrange for a full body check up?

In fact, there are two reasons:

1. It is a matter of money. Because people normally feel that their body is okay , they are unwilling to spend to do full check up.

2. It is the ostrich mentality. Escape with a negative attitude of not checking.

The benefits of full body health check:

Help you move from sub-healthy people to health: According to statistics, about 15% of the world’s population are healthy people, 10% are patients, and 75% are sub-healthy people.

Through the whole body health check, the dangerous factors can be found and removed as soon as possible, so that we can restore our health!

Spend a little money and save a lot of money: With the continuous increase of medical expenses, the whole body health check can help us find and treat early, which can completely help us save more medical expenses and improve the cure rate.

Effectively prolong healthy lifespan: Dr. Wen Qibang, a Harvard scholar in the United States and a current academician of the National Institutes of Health in Taiwan, according to the big data analysis of the world's largest health management agency MJ, found that regular health checks can effectively extend healthy lifespan by 5-7 years.

What I want to remind here is that medicine is a complicated science. Nothing is 100%. Therefore, the whole body health check should not be done once, but should be done regularly every year!

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